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Ethiopian Dishes from Abyssinia

Ethiopian flavours and atmosphere in our restaurant or at your home!

Ethiopian cuisine


Since we met almost 11 years ago, Ethiopian cuisine with its specific smells and flavours has been a shared interest; a passion, so to speak. Supported by the positive feedback from family and friends, the idea of doing something with it one day was born.
In 2020, that idea gained momentum. Both working in the healthcare sector, we needed an outlet. Planning, drawing and calculating: suddenly the dream became serious! In November 2020, we officially launched. The reactions were overwhelming, except for one detail.
We are constantly expanding our menu and adjusting our way of working here and there, but we remain faithful to what we stand for: putting high-quality Ethiopian dishes on the table with daily fresh products, providing the service in the way we'd like to receive it.
Today, we deliver dishes that have more than once been described as "restaurant-level" or "the most Ethiopian we have eaten outside Ethiopia". We are very excited to see what the future will bring. 

The Best Of Ethiopia on Your Plate

We are constantly improving and expanding our menu. At Abyssinia, we only use daily fresh products. We strive to give all our customers the ultimate experience of Ethiopian gastronomy. Do you have a question about the garnishing of our dishes, or do you require something special for your party dishes? Our high-quality meals are always accompanied by excellent service tailored to your needs.

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Would you like to experience our Ethiopian cuisine? Order your favourite dishes at Abyssinia!

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