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Feast on Ethiopian Cuisine in Belgium

Ethiopian flavours and atmosphere in our restaurant or at your home!

Ethiopian cuisine


A Wide Choice of Authentic Ethiopian Dishes

No one has been overlooked when compiling our menu. Whether you are a fish or meat lover or prefer vegetarian dishes, at Abyssinia, everyone gets their money's worth.

coffee beans

A touch of history about Ethiopian coffee

Ethiopian history claims that a local goatherd, Kaldi, first discovered coffee and its magical benefits around 850 AD. Legend has it that he discovered his goats eating the coffee beans from the trees and dancing wildly. When Kaldi presented the benefits to a monk, the latter threw them into the fire and proclaimed that this 'magical' effect was the work of the devil. The beans began to burn, and the whole room was filled with the smell of freshly roasted coffee. The original name for coffee, Kaffa, came from the region in southwest Ethiopia where coffee was first discovered in the wild. Unlike almost every other coffee country, coffee trees here grow naturally.

Menu Takeaway


1. Doro Wot

Doro Wot

Doro Wot is considered the national dish of Ethiopia and is often served during holidays. The chicken is stewed in caramelised red onion, tomato puree, spiced Ethiopian butter and berbere. During cooking, garlic, ginger and korerima are added. Before serving, hard-boiled eggs are mixed into the sauce. The dish is preferably eaten with injera.

2. Sega Wot

Sega Wot

The beef, cut into small cubes, is cooked in a sauce based on red onion, tomato puree, garlic, ginger, spiced Ethiopian butter and berbere.

3. Tibs


Tibs are strips of spiced beef fried in a sauce of Ethiopian butter, red onion, salt, tomato, spicy peppers and berbere.

4. Yebeg Alicha

Yebeg Alicha

A stew of lamb in a sauce of onion, garlic, ginger, Ethiopian butter and turmeric. You can choose between finely or coarsely chopped pieces of lamb.

5. Kitfo


Raw or lukewarm minced beef with spiced butter, mitmita, korerima and salt. The dish is served with cheese and injera and is usually eaten at parties and holidays.

6. Firfir


Firfir is dried injera mixed with a sauce based on onion, berbere, tomato and garlic, prepared in oil or butter. The dish is prepared with or without meat as desired. Firfir can also be ordered as a vegetarian dish.


7. Assa Wot

Assa Wot

A fillet of white fish cooked over high heat in a sauce based on onion, Ethiopian butter, coarsely chopped garlic and a little berbere.


8. Gomen


A vegetarian dish with spinach, red onion and garlic simmered in sunflower oil. On request, the dish is also available with beef.

9. Tekel Gomen - free with every main dish

Tekel Gomen

Tekil Gomen is a well-balanced vegetarian dish with potatoes, carrots, white cabbage, red onion and turmeric. Sunflower oil replaces the spiced Ethiopian butter in the vegetable dishes.

10. Kosta


Kosta consists of chard, onion, garlic, green peppers and a pinch of salt. The dish is prepared in sunflower oil.

11. Shiro


A fasting dish made of ground chickpeas, onion, garlic, sunflower oil, a pinch of berbere and water.

12. Misr

Misr Wot

Cooked lentils with stewed onions, tomato puree, berbere, garlic, ginger and korerima. On request, we replace the berbere with turmeric to soften the dish.



Injera is traditionally eaten in Ethiopia and some other East African countries and is a staple of the local cuisine. Flour, preferably teff flour, is mixed with water and the batter is left to ferment for a few days like sourdough. This gives it a slightly sour taste.
Injera is eaten with the right hand. A piece of injera is accompanied by vegetables or meat. You make a package of it and put it in your mouth. Because of the spongy structure, the sauce is optimally absorbed, so every bite is a feast for your taste buds.



200 grams of Ethiopian coffee, roasted and ground by Abyssinia in a sturdy, resealable container. 


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